You’re invited to a time of teaching, encouragement, and fellowship with other pastors and leaders in Brevard County. Hear from pastors Josh White and Dr. Joel Hunter as well as Kevin Palau, President of the Luis Palau Association.

In addition to the keynote presentations, you will have the opportunity to go deeper as you choose from a selection of breakout sessions led by innovators in the areas of evangelism and prayer as well as a session in Spanish for Latino pastors. The specific speaker list and breakout session descriptions can be found on the registration page.

October 17 | 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. | Church at Viera
This event is completely free, and lunch will be provided.


Kevin Palau | Luis Palau Association
Kevin Palau is president and CEO of the Luis Palau Association. Under his leadership, LPA has partnered with tens of thousands of local churches to produce large Christian gatherings in cities around the globe. In 2008, Kevin pioneered the Festival 2.0 model that includes a citywide service initiative preceding the festival event. Designed for long-term sustainability well after the festival, this service initiative also gave birth to Palau’s City Gospel Movement effort which is now focused on celebrating, accelerating, and inspiring hundreds of Gospel Movements in cities around the world. Kevin's unique passion, and the focus of the City Gospel Movements Team, is to inspire leaders to keep evangelism as a central focus in their ongoing gospel movement.



Andrew Palau | Luis Palau Association
For more than 25 years Andrew has played a key role in the ministry of the Luis Palau Association. He has been instrumental in building the LPA model for citywide outreach as an evangelist, director, and key team leader. He has guided campaigns, led church relations efforts, trained thousands of believers in friendship evangelism, and proclaimed the Good News of Jesus Christ in person to hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world through evangelistic campaigns all over the world. Andrew’s weekly radio broadcasts are heard by millions of people. He is also the author of multiple books, including Secret Life of a Fool, a retelling of his personal journey to faith in Christ, and What is Christmas?, a groundbreaking evangelistic book published in China in 2012.


Josh White | Door of Hope Church
Josh is the Founding Pastor of Door of Hope Church and Deeper Well Records in Portland, Oregon. As a song writer and recording artist for Tooth and Nail and Deeper Well, Josh has released eight albums over the last 15 years as well as writing for other artists, such as Liz Vice. When not making music or running the church, Josh loves to spend his time reading and hanging out with his wife, Darcy and their two children, Henry and Hattie.


Joel Hunter | Community Resource Network
 Joel serves as Chairman of Community Resource Network a non-profit organization, he founded, that focuses on helping the marginalized - specifically homeless families. He is a nationally and internationally known advocate for the poor, for victims of human trafficking, for protecting God’s creation for the sake of victims of pollution-caused climate change, for the inclusion in church and society those families/persons dealing with disabilities, for racial equality and reconciliation, and for peace. He has been featured in a wide variety of national and international media. He leads Simple Help, a growing movement of everyday helpers doing simple things to make the world better. Each week, social issue experts help to set the tone for delivering solutions through A Community Conversation which includes Dr. Hunter's interview program, Power Talks, on TV 45; a podcast, The Bright Side, that he co-hosts with his son. And additionally, Joel can be heard daily giving a Minute Devotional on Z 88.3 FM Radio.